Living Springs Academy

Home & School Association


Home & School Association
unites families and friends in support of the students of our Academy in many ways:     

  • TIME is a precious tool when donated towards reading or tutoring programs.  Parents and/or family members also help maintain the facilities.  Parents are also encouraged to accompany their child and our staff on carefully selected educational field trips for the ultimate bonding experience.  Since these tie into your child's curriculum, they count as regular school days.  (more info in the Handbook)
  • TALENTS are dedicated by all parents to help raise required funds for special student events like Outdoor Ed Week and Festival of the Arts. 
  • CA$H DONATION$ are gladly accepted and may be designated for a particular project such as online tools, playground improvements, teacher appreciation, etc.

                                 1) non-magnetized aluminum (ie., beverage cans)
                                 2) printer cartridges & cell phones 



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