Living Springs Academy

Living Springs Academy agrees to . . .

Living Springs Academy agrees to . . .
  1. maintain a welcoming and safe learning environment and spiritual atmosphere that fosters high standards of academic achievement and harmonious living
  2. help students develop their full potential ACADEMICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, and SOCIALLY
  3. listen carefully to each child’s perception of an event;
  4. practice the necessary language skills for effective two-way communication and conflict resolution;
  5. be readily available to answer questions;
  6. provide loving, redemptive and corrective measures;
  7. encourage students to share life experiences with parents;
  8. provide timely feedback on each student’s development and academic progress;
  9. encourage parental involvement and provide parental support and training resources in the developmental growth and progress of their child; 
  10. be fair and consistent with adherence to the rules in this Handbook.