11 LSA agrees to . . .
  1. maintain a welcoming and safe learning environment and spiritual atmosphere that fosters high standards of academic achievement and harmonious living by:
    1. maintaining accreditation through Florida Association of Academic Non-public Schools (FAANS), the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in affiliation with National Council of Private School Accreditation (NCPSA),
    2. providing a curriculum that supports academic excellence,
    3. providing certified teachers and other adult staff who are good role models, maintaining a vibrant, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and
    4. remaining competent and current in subjects taught;
  2. help students develop their full potential ACADEMICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, and SOCIALLY by:
    1. leading them to a knowledge of God, respect of others and their property,
    2. develop habits of responsible thinking and doing, and
    3. introduce them to the joy of service;
  3. listen carefully to each child’s perception of an event;
  4. practice the necessary language skills for effective two-way communication and conflict resolution;
  5. be readily available to answer questions;
  6. provide loving, redemptive and corrective measures;
  7. encourage students to share life experiences with parents;
  8. provide timely feedback on each student’s development and academic progress;
  9. encourage parental involvement and provide parental support and training resources in the developmental growth and progress of their child; and
  10. be fair and consistent with adherence to the rules in this Handbook.