Living Springs Academy

12 LSA PARENTS/GUARDIANS agree to . . .

12 LSA PARENTS/GUARDIANS agree to . . .
  1. model what you wish your child to mimic;
  2. provide your child adequate rest and nourishing meals regularly eaten together;
  3. provide regular health care visits;
  4. ensure your child arrives daily at school in full uniform or in clean, modest, and appropriate attire to school and events as instructed; 
  5. be involved in your child’s EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL, and SOCIAL SUCCESS by:
  • Providing a positive home environment;
  • Believing and telling them often that they are smart and can succeed and encouraging them to complete difficult tasks;
  • Allowing opportunities for social interaction with peers, outside of school time;
  • Getting to know their friends and their families in order to gain insight;
  • Seeking guidance from (and provide insight to) your child’s teacher or other professional on difficult issues;
  • Equipping your child with the knowledge and wisdom of HOW to resolve their own problems, without DOING it for them!
           * Extracted from “Helping Children Succeed in School and in Life” 
             Mayra Rodriguez Ed.S.     School Psychologist     Florida Conference Dept of Education
  1. participate actively in your child’s ACADEMIC PROGRESS by:
    1. providing a quiet area to study to ensure that unfinished work is completed,
    2. regulating passive activity time,
    3. encouraging reading and a love for learning,
    4. training your child on coming prepared to class, and
    5. ensuring regular school attendance and timely transportation;
  2. accompany your child to scheduled school activities, as communicated in bulletins and the official school calendar at;
  3. assist in developing your child’s CITIZENSHIP SKILLS by volunteering in any capacity at school, Home&School events, and your community;
  4. pay on time for tuition and for damaged or lost school property; and
  5. uphold the rules contained in this Handbook or communicated by the Teacher.