Living Springs Academy

13 LSA STUDENTS agree to . . .

13 LSA STUDENTS agree to . . .
  1. RESPECT PEERS (No gossip, verbal or physical abuse is allowed at any time.);
  2. RESPECT ADULTS in authority (Be cooperative and obedient.);
  3. TAKE CARE OF RESOURCES provided to you;
    1. Uniform for school, PE class, and field trips
    2. Backpacks containing schoolbooks, completed work, and signed papers
    3. Lunchbox
  5. ASK QUESTIONS when you don’t understand something and complete all assignments by its due date to the best of your ability (honestly and neatly);
  6. SHARE WITH YOUR FAMILY your school experiences and participate in all school activities during weekdays and on selected weekends;
  7. HELP KEEP TIDY the school facility;
  8. NOT WEAR jewelry or cosmetics or unnatural hair color to school or school events (on- and off-campus) and shirts must be long enough to cover midriffs when moving;
  9. NOT BRING toys, books, games, hand-held electronic devices (including cell phones), and other items of that nature to school without specific permission from Teacher; and
  10. FOLLOW THE RULES in this Handbook for as long as you are a student.