In harmony with the Southern Union Education Department and State of Florida codes, Living Springs Academy expects regularity and promptness in school attendance and at scheduled extra-curricular activities.  Acceptable excuses for absences, tardiness, or early dismissals include student illness, medical, dental or optometrist services, quarantine, or bereavement.  
Absences, Tardies, and Early Dismissals:
  • Parent must contact the school by 8:30AM to provide a satisfactory explanation.
  • Parent must provide a WRITTEN EXCUSE FOR ALL ABSENCES, including plans to make up missed schoolwork, upon return to school.  This is to be filed with the student’s Attendance Record.  Parent must ensure missed schoolwork is satisfactorily made up according to the Teacher’s instructions. 
  • * The school may temporarily exclude and require medical examination of any student who is suspected of having a communicable disease to safeguard the health and safety of all students.      * Southern Union Education Code 2013-2015.
Sick Leave RequestThe following information is filed with the student’s Attendance Record, should a student feel the need to call a parent to be picked up before scheduled dismissal time, unless written request from the parent specifies otherwise.
  • time out of class and symptom(s) reported/displayed
  • medical history?
  • action taken
  • time parent called
  • time re-evaluated & by whom (if applicable)
  • action taken
  • time picked up, and by whom (if applicable)
Leaving School Campus:   No student shall be permitted to leave the school grounds at any time before regular dismissal time, except with the approval of the parent and Principal.   (See Arrival/Dismissal Procedures)
Excessive Absenteeism: (including acceptable excuses, tardies, and early dismissals) is when the student misses more than 10% of instructional time.
  • If schoolwork that is missed during absences is not satisfactorily made up, the student may forfeit the grade for that period. 
  • Absenteeism may also prompt further evaluation before the grading period ends to ascertain if there is adequate retention of the material required for promotion.
  • Absenteeism may also jeopardize a student’s Worthy Student or other scholarship status.