48 SECURITY - Emergency School Closures
In the event of a hurricane or other disaster, Living Springs Academy may have to temporarily suspend classes, in which case, we make every effort to immediately contact you directly with plans for the Academy.
IF Living Springs Academy IS TO BE CLOSED FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY, we ask that, if possible, you stay tuned to WCJB-TV20 and WSKY-FM 97.3 to find out when our classes will resume.    WCJB-TV20 News can also be viewed online at www.wcjb.com/weather.

WCJB-TV20 and WSKY-FM are our choice of news broadcasters because both specifically cover the inland Gainesville-Ocala area.  Jacksonville news may report slightly different information because their base station is on the east coast.  Likewise, Joy-FM Florida is based around the Tampa Bay area on the Gulf and is part of a network of 19 Christian radio stations covering several states, so they may not have frequent local updates.  They do, however, provide the flexibility of being listened to online and with a smartphone app, but if they are your only source of information, please confirm with your teacher before assuming their announcements apply to our school.
The Florida Division of Emergency Management has provided an interactive website and 3 storybooks located at www.KidsGetAPlan.com promoting "Awareness" in elementary school-age children.  

The storybooks teach children how to protect themselves from lightning strikes, and from the powerful nature of thunderstorms while traveling on a fantastic journey in a magical machine, as well as about how they can create a Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit for their families.  

Each book was created at the appropriate reading level for each grade and is presented in a matter-of-fact and non-threatening manner so as not to create undue fears in our children.   They are accompanied with a guide for teachers and parents, explaining some of the science presented in the books and answers questions that children are likely to have while reading the stories.  These guides also explain how the books can be used to help our children to become better readers.