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54 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - Suspension / Expulsion

54 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT - Suspension / Expulsion
  • A Teacher may temporarily suspend a student from class.   Suspension from school will involve the Principal, in which case the School Board Chairperson shall be notified.
  • In the case of a serious, overt act violating school regulations, the Principal may suspend a student even if there has been no prior deviant behavior. 
  • School Board policy provides for Suspension from school by the Principal for a period not to exceed (3) three days.  Such suspension may be for serious misconduct such as, but not limited to, willful disobedience, defiance of authority, insubordination, profanity or obscenity, fighting, deliberate physical or emotional cruelty to another student, lying, cheating, stealing, vandalism, use of intoxicating beverages or drugs, or other actions of similar severity. 
  • Repeated misconduct of a less severe nature may result in suspension as well when other procedures have not been effective.   Evidence of prior corrective measures and parent notification should be on file.
  • The student and parents/guardians must have a conference with the Principal to discuss the conditions for readmission.
  • A suspension is effective until the parents appear at the school.

The School Board has the authority to extend the suspension, re-admit the student to class, or to expel the student permanently.   The School Board is the final authority in the dismissal or expulsion of a student.