Living Springs Academy

Links of Interest

Education Links of Interest *
*        AE21 Education for the 21st Century  Distributed education for High Academy students; sponsored by the Florida Conference and North American Division Offices of Education.

Official Adventist Links 

Kidzone  Way-2-Cool, interactive Bible fun for youth; sponsored by Voice of Prophecy.

Kids Bible Info  Big answers for little people; sponsored by It Is Written.

Word Sight  A condensed edition of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation in chronological order, entitled God's Diary; hosted by 3ABN TAGnet.

Bible Games/Bible Study Games   Interactive Bible and Bible study games.  Some home Academy interactive modules are also included.  A plugin is required.

TAGnet - Three Angels Global Networking
   Contains links to SDA resources, web sites, and media sources. 
*        dreamVISION Ministry   An agency dedicated to nurturing and empowering young people in Christian lifestyle and leadership. dVm provides training, resourcing, networking, and consultation in a wide array of creative youth/young adult ministry arenas.   The only constantly-updated Adventist News service on the Internet. It contains 100 message areas, on-line Sabbath Academy help, an on-line Adventist magazine, plus more than 1,844 links to other Adventist websites.

Adventist PlusLine   A telephone help line where real people answer the phones and help you find specific church resource materials or refer you to information sources. 

 SDAnet   Contains news, discussion, a comprehensive list of SDA web sites including media outlets, churches with a graphical church locator, and Bible study forum.