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45 Admission and Enrollment PROCESS

45 Admission and Enrollment PROCESS
THREE (3) EASY STEPS TO FOLLOWEligible returning students that have met all financial obligations, go to step3. 
  1. SECURE SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE (if applicable) within the funding organization’s deadline(s).
           NOTE - BEFORE AUGUST 1st, Step Up For Students Scholarship Applicants: 
  • MUST NOT ASSUME a scholarship is awarded until notified by Step Up For Students.  
  • MUST PAY NON-REFUNDABLE LSA REGISTRATION FEE , which ARE NOT covered by the Scholarship.
  • MUST FORWARD TO US the Unique Id Number on the Award Letter. The student may not attend Living Springs Academy until the Scholarship Award Letter is validated by us. 
  • ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS if your Award Letter is not validated BY AUG 1st.
           NOTE - McKay Scholarship Applicants: 
  • BEFORE JULY 1st, MUST APPLY for a McKay Scholarship BEFORE WITHDRAWING YOUR CHILD FROM PUBLIC SCHOOL.  They refer to this as "Filing Intent".  MUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS under their "Links for Parents" in the left margin of their website.
  • BEFORE AUGUST 1st, MUST COMPLETE our school's Admission Requirements and IMMEDIATELY FORWARD TO US your child's first/last name, date of birth, the McKay Confirmation Number and the county their public school is in.  The student may not attend Living Springs Academy until we register and enroll your child with McKay.
  • ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS if your child is not registered and enrolled with McKay BY AUG 1st.
  1. APPLY FOR ADMISSION after receiving academic clearance from our Principal.  Copies of the current school year Report Card(s), results from National Testing, and Individual Education Plan (IEP) if applicable, should have already been reviewed by us before you proceed.   Records Release and Recommendation forms (on Admission Requirements page) should now be forwarded to each recipient in order for them to respond to us while you enroll your child in the next step.
      3. ENROLL IN SCHOOL according to the following schedule.
  • JAN - INTENT LETTER from all CURRENT STUDENTS is due for budgeting purposes of the next school year.
  • FEB – qualified RETURNING STUDENTS enroll online via ParentsWeb to guarantee their seat for the next school year. 
  • MAR - OPEN ENROLLMENT season begins for NEW APPLICANTS to:
    • submit a Scholarship Application (if applicable) for the next school year,
    • attend the FAMILY INTERVIEW with supporting academic documentation,
    • receive an ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION, and
    • submit the LSA ONLINE APPLICATION PACKET of supporting documentation (on Admission Requirements page) with accompanying payment of Registration Fee.
  • JULY – A NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE for ALL STUDENTS is due in order to guarantee a seat.
  • AUGUST - TUITION PAYMENT #1 out of 10 is due by  the first day of class.
NOTE - LATE ENROLLMENT may  become available in August, as staffing and space allows.  All steps in the Enrollment Process must be completed before a student can attend class.
Don't delay and create stress upon yourself next Fall.    ENROLL EARLY!

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