Living Springs Academy

OneCause Fundraiser Program

OneCause Fundraiser Program
 to raise contributions towards a student's tuition!
              1-Create an account:
                                      enter your name, email, and zip code;
                                      select a fictitious ID and password for logging in;
                                      select "LIVING SPRINGS ACADEMY" as your 'cause'.
            2-Sign up for "Supporter Crediting" (the Tuition assistance program) by entering
                                     YOUR email address in order for your child to receive tuition credit contributions
                                      from the registered businesses where you make everyday purchases.   
                                      Make sure family & friends sign up for Supporter Crediting when they join OneCause.
           3-Maximize contributions earned by participating in many programs OneCause offers:
                                                      when you use your registered credit card(s) to shop online, 
                                                      when you use a registered OneCause VISA anywhere,
                                                      when you sign up local businesses where you normally shop at.

  4- Invite your family & friends to do the same.