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20 ACADEMICS - Achievement Testing

20 ACADEMICS - Achievement Testing
Achievement Testing is a national norm-referenced test identified by the Florida Department of Education.
Philosophy – The testing program administered by the Southern Union is provided to assist in identifying student achievement levels in the basic skills.   The analysis of the test results in basic skills helps determine individual student needs.   The analysis of test results also provides a method of determining the Teacher’s design for instruction, the effectiveness of the educational program, and a measure of accountability on the part of the school.
Objectives – The testing program of the Southern Union is designed to do the following:
  1. Indicate the achievement and proficiencies of students.
  2. Provide indicators of student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Provide teachers a basis for planning and improving their instructional program.
  4. Provide students and parents with an assessment of student achievement.
  5. Provide teachers and school administrators with an assessment of the effectiveness of the instructional program.
  6. Provide Conference and Southern Union offices of Education with an assessment of the effectiveness of the curriculum.
Students must be tested annually in the grades specified by the Southern Union.   Conferences may choose to test students in other grades.   Conferences are required to purchase testing services as voted by the Southern Union Board of Education.

--  Adventist Edge Education Code PK-12   (2013/14 – 2014/15)