When it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw (voluntarily or otherwise) from the school prior to the end of the school year,
  1. A written note signed and dated by the parent must include the withdrawal date, reason for withdrawing, and what institution the student is transferring to.
  2. Payment for the current month shall be forfeited to the school; All other tuition payments that have been made in advance shall be returned to the person having made said payments.
  3. Grades and transcripts will be withheld until the Student Account is paid in full and the residing County School Board requirements have been met as follows: 
      • in Alachua County: contact Home School Laison - Jejetta Lee    352-955-7608
      • in Columbia County: contact School Board                                386-755-8000
      • in Gilchrist County: parent must pick up (in person) a Home Schooling Packet of info at   
                                                                               310 NW 11 Ave Trenton FL        352-463-3200
  1. IF TRANSFERRING TO ANOTHER SCHOOL, Living Springs Academy must receive a Records Release Request from the admitting school or contact the corresponding County School Board to report the withdrawal from our school.